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    Surface rust


    I just bought a used bike.

    A few of the chrome cam cover bolts and some of the small chrome pieces (foot brake, etc) have a little bit of surface rust.

    Does anyone have a remedy?


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    pull em out and start scrubbin with steel wool.

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    if they are rusty, just replace them. you can scrub them up now, but eventually the oxidizing comes back..... besides, girls don't like guys with rusty nuts

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    Generic Turtle Wax Chrome polish( sold at walmart for like 3-4$) will take a lot of it off. Have to use your judgement. if its just light surface shit that probably hasn't been cleaned in years, just use the polish on a rag and maybe go over it once in 6 months. if surface is seriously rusty/pitted chrome then either replace or sand and paint.

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    So what did you buy? FZR400 you spoke of or some other sportbike of note?

    Why not post up some pictures of the rust problem areas and lets see what we are working with. As Greeneyes stated you could always sand them down and paint them. Might as well start customizing now, we all do it. That way you get what you want.
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    I have had good luck that CLR product for surface rust.
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    One thing to bear in mind is that surface rust on chrome is not just surface rust. Chrome is pourous and when you see a bloom of rust it means there is a pore in the chrome that is exposing the steel underneath and it's THAT steel that's rusting and staining the chrome. I've had good luck using Turtle Wax chrome polish to remove the stains and it seems to block the pores from further rusting. Waxing the chrome in these cases is a good idea too as the wax helps seal the pores and prevents the water from getting to the steel and repeating the rusting stains bit.
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    S100 Polish. Takes surface rust off and polishes the chrome at the same time.

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