16 inch Enkeis and 205/40 16 Yokohama rubber. These have about 500 kms on them.

I won't BS with the price. I want $1000 for all four and can get a 5th (for a spare) for extra. I need rubber for my new rims. So if you can get a smokin' deal on Michelin Pilots I'll consider part trade. Wheels are mint, not stolen and will deliver. Comes with chrome security nuts and the locker tool.

Wheel size is dual. 4x108 and 4x100. 40mm offset.

4x108 - Ford = Fits Merkur, Focus, Mustang (with spacer), Escort, Contour, Mystique, Lynx, EXP, Escort Cosworth and others.

4x108 - Audi. All 4 bolt Audis

4x100 - Almost everything import else except some Mazdas etc.

PM me if need be.