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    What the?

    Alright, i don't know how to best describe this. i think this'll turn out a little lengthy...
    I was just out praciticing at about 9pm for about 45min. pretty much exclusively 8's and stopping distance. Everything was going great as usual, but after a while i was noticing that as i was turning in there would be what felt like a little extra resistance at the wheel and then it would suddenly lean as if the resistance had let up and i pushed the bar to hard. this isnt the first time i've noticed this, but it was a little bit more than in the past. I previously assumed it was from me trying to begin turning under deceleration when there is some sort of odd inertia or whatever. To try and help you understand what it might feel like, I would say it might feel as though the center of my tire is flat and im countersteering to lean the bike past the hump in the tire and then suddenly it gets past and leans you over a little extra. Another note is i've only noticed it at the slowest possible speeds where you need to countersteer, i.e. somewhere around 20-40km/h. Its also hard to duplicate. it seems that it happens under pretty specific circumstances.

    some additional info:
    -'04 600RR
    -has been crashed
    -significant new parts: front wheel, handle bars,
    rear frame, Frame was "refinished", Subframe Assy,

    I cant remember if i noticed this happening b4 the crash. perhaps this is normal operation.
    give me your thoughts.


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    Perhaps the steering head bearings??
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