Few Good things and few bad things!!
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Thread: Few Good things and few bad things!!

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    Few Good things and few bad things!!

    well, here's the story with the good things.
    first of all i have break in my bike on this trip and it feels good..... yesterday me and my boss went down to kalowna on our bikes. We were coming from richmond, took highway 10 to the ferry and along highwway 7 to mission and to hot spring then hope and old highway 3 to princeton, manning park and then pentiton, summerland, then kalowna. It was a hell of long way from richmond, it was about 450 to 500. But It was unbelieveable good road and good views along the way. first the back country road from mission to hot spring was nice and the weather was okay it wasn't raining at all. maybe lightly but not crazy. then it comes to hope to manning park. Oh man, it would be lucky if you see one bear on the trip we were saying. first we saw a brown bear wondering around on the side of the hill, then after 10 mins later we saw a huge black bear on the side of the road eating grass....oh man it was so nice we took couple pictures and we were on the road again. i know this is suppose to be a riding story. okay then, from manning park to princeton the old highway is really really reall super nice for motorcycle, nice sharp turns and very little traffic...we had a hell of good time there. then to pentiton and kalowna the view was just nice and wild roads, the beauty of nature. anyways today we came back from 97c to merrit then back country road highway 8 then highway 1, along the road was nice and wide but alot of trucks that's all.
    and here comes the bad things.......
    first i would like to say sorry to my a$$ cuz i just got my bike last sat. so haven't really ride it for that long of hours so my a$$ is hurting rite now... i am sure it will be fine soon, then here comes the 2nd thing is that my boss wipe out going too fast at one rite turn, and he end up silding his bike to the other side of teh road, lucky there was no coming cars or else it would not be good at all.....well....he is okay just a few damage on the side no big deal.....
    but anyways just wanna to tell you guys that was a nice trip it was and you should go check out the road from manning park to princeton......you will be amazed..........that's all.....
    peace out

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    Administrator Array adamantium's Avatar
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    I wish.
    I've really got to get out on a road trip at some point this summer.
    BCSB- Administrator

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    Originally posted by adamantium
    I've really got to get out on a road trip at some point this summer.

    All ya gotta do is post a proposed time, day and itinerary. I'm sure you'd have plenty of company.

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    yep ditto, just post up and i'll be up for it before the season ends
    R.I.P. - Corey(Xyban)

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