GSXR 750 or R6?

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Thread: GSXR 750 or R6?

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    GSXR 750 or R6?

    I've been looking into a bike for next season. I was planning on buying a 2000 & up GSXR 750, but im starting to like the R6's. Since they are pretty close in price range, which one would you prefer overall? I'm interested in the blue/white colour scheme. I've heard the GSXR is more comfortable for taller people as well..(i'm 6'2). Input?

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    if you want to get a bike that most people buy for the looks, get the r6, if you want performance and the best all around bike our there, get the gixxer.

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    '07 GSX-R 750
    looks/performance/power/best bang for buck = GSX-R 750. You get the power of a litre, and you pay the insurance of a 600. Comfiest stock seat, helps on those longer rides, and parts are interchangeable between 2001-2003 600's, 2000-2003 750's and 2000-2002 1000's. No other bike has that capability.

    I also happen to have a 2000 750 for sale..check it out..
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    Take 'em both out for a test ride...then buy a ZX-636. (j/k)

    After only sitting on an R6, i found it to feel a little too diminutive for my 6'1" frame, but the gixxer does seem to stretch you out a little more, leaving more room for your arms.

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    Gixxer is more comfortable for taller riders, but that's because of the more aggressive riding position. It'll be a bit more tiring then the R6 on long rides. Generally though, the 750 will pound the R6 into oblivion. More power, more stability, just... more. And you pay the same for insurance as the higher bracket starts @ 751cc. Get the 750!

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    where are all the r6 boys?? I'm biased for the gsxr. It's alot of fun, plus it crashed pretty well. Blue/White scheme looks dope, go for it if you don't have a problem with keeping her clean like I do with mine. Also, the passenger seat is much more comfy on gsxr's. No one wants to double a girl for 4 hours then find out when you get home her apendages are too sore get the idea.

    anyone wanna lend me a bike ?

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    Gixxer, Gixxer and oh ya, Gixxer.
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    Honda 929

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    r6 is my first bike...
    love it.

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    None right now... :(
    I have both. A 2003 Gixxer 750 and a 2000 R6.

    I would say the 00-03 Gixxer 750 is a better choice (especially with your height, I'm 6'). It is nice to have that extra power... just be careful. The 750 is quite a bit more then you’re probably used to coming from an older Ninja.

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    I definetly think the gixxer 750 is the best bang for your buck and I have also heard that the Seating posture is also comfy for a taller person such as yourself...I personally have a 2000 R6 and I love it...It's comfy for me, mind you i'm 5'10 but it's super nimble and you can really whip it into the turns and It Looks Awesome....But to be honest if I were you i'd go for the gixxer.

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    none at the moment
    No doubt , the GSXR is much better specialy if you're tall , I'm the same height as you and I feel really stuck on the R6 , I tried the GSXR 750 (Thanx Katie) 2up last week end and really liked it.
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    get the gixxer. you won't regret it.
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    Thumbs up

    *Sigh,...and one last time...the GIXXER dude. Nuff said. "sniffle", I wanna gixxer.
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    I'd go for a 2004 gixxer 750 anytime
    Tmustang you are clear for take off

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