Bungee Jumping in Nanaimo
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Thread: Bungee Jumping in Nanaimo

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    Bungee Jumping in Nanaimo

    I'm thinking about going to the bridge place. I think it's in Nanaimo. Anyone done it before? how much ? and is it free if you go naked?

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    Yup,I did it in oct 93 .One jump for $100 or unlimited jumps for $200(at least that was the prices back then).They also ask how much water you want?,up to your elbows,shoulders,waist????.
    It was interesting .


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    they have changed since, i was there last year. i think everything including a membership and video is about 150 or maybe little bit less, and after you get ur membership you can do a rush for $30. and it's a life time membership so it's good forever. i think they have a web site too. i think it's call www.bungeezone.com or .ca check it out. it's cool.....

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    Last year for me,
    i bought the lifetime pass for 125 bucks so it only costs me 35 bucks from now on.
    if you want to try a differt type of jump,just step off upright, the whip is awesome felt like i could almost touch the bridge on the opposite side plus it gave me 6 rebounds
    zip line is not to be missed either 140kms across the canyon

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    sorry, the web site is http://www.bungyzone.com/

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