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    FS:Yamaha r1

    1998 Yamaha R1
    completely stock
    20,000 k

    U-built status registered as a year 2000 bike
    the bike was in an accident but it was only cosmetic damage was done
    I bought new fairings and getting it painted a solid color this weekend through a buddy who works at an autobody shop. I havent decided a color yet.

    the bike is insured I am currently riding this bike right now and it kicks ass.

    The reason I'm selling it is because I'm interested in a TL1000R . I think the TL will suit my bigger build better and much more comfier for my passengers.don't get me wrong, the r1 is an awesome bike but I think its made more for smaller riders. I find that goin on long trips i find it less comfy on my wrists and legs.I am not in rush to sell it but this is a wicked deal for anyone who wants a streetable race bike.

    warning to newbies:this is not a beginner bike, It may weigh like one. but it doesnt behave like one.

    I am asking $7800 with the paintjob of any color
    or $7500 without paintjob.
    PM me if your interested
    I am in vancouver
    You can test ride. but only under one rule-"you crash you pay"
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    twisted_grip post a pic up here.

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    none at the moment
    I thought canadian_gixxer was buying Dalton's bike , HHmmm???
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    yea canadian gixxer bought DAlton's bike...I was too late =(...it's ok..Lanley supersport has a TL1000R arpound the same price..I'm proabably gonna check it out...

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    Hey Twisted grip, how would someone go about contacting you and getting one of those test rides?

    You can call or email me if you prefer.

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