Fair price for a 2004 Suzuki GS500F?
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Thread: Fair price for a 2004 Suzuki GS500F?

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    Fair price for a 2004 Suzuki GS500F?


    what would be a fair price for a used Suzuki GS500F with 7000km on it?
    It seems to be in good shape.



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    Around 5500 dollars would be fair. But many people are looking for a newer gs500 and they don't depreciate in value that fast. But it's also low season so don't pay top dollar for the bike if you buy it now.

    I'm also assuming he haven't had any accidents, he hasn't abused the bike and he's done all the required services. If he's dropped the bike and there is some scratches take that into account when selling the bike. Gs500 parts are cheap and are easy to find (EBAY) so you might as well buy new parts if you have damage.

    This is just my opinion on sales.

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