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    Question - Double Filament Light Bulbs

    While fitting a different headlight and cutting down the stock turns signal stems on my bike I noticed when I was trouble shooting the various electrical connections that there is electrical continuity between the two filaments of a dual filament bulb(aka 1157). I assumed that the electrical circuit would be from one of the posts to the outer case for both of the filaments, one crcuit for running lights the other for signals.

    Does anyone know if this is normal.

    In my case I am assuming that the frame is the ground and the two wires from the bulb socket to complete the running light and signal circuits.

    any info makes me smarter


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    Totally normal, they share the ground post in the bulb, which is attached to the bulb's body. You will see some resistance across the two contacts on the end of the bulb, unless a filament is gone.

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    Ive never worked on a late model kawi, but if it's anything like any old honda i owned, nothing on the turn signal is grounded. i think the bulb body is common and the 2 on the bottom are for high beam/low beam. but grounding any of the 3 will lead to issues( either not blinking or not coming on or burning a wire or fuse)
    Best bet is look at a wiring diagram

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    Thanks I was suprised at the continuity betwwen the posts,

    I am having problems trying to get the running lights working and am still confused as to why one side flashes the other lights as well


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