Shifter Lever Adjustment - 01 Gixxer 6
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Thread: Shifter Lever Adjustment - 01 Gixxer 6

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    Shifter Lever Adjustment - 01 Gixxer 6

    Im finding im having trouble up-shifitng on my gixxer I was wondering If any techs had some suggestions on making it smoother. Downshifting is no problem but on the upshift it seems sticky and harder than normal. Just curious to see if it needs adjustment or if its a problem!

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    You wan help me i am love you long time!

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    Balky shifting can come from two prime causes. The first is just trying to be TOO careful and deliberate. The second cause is often due to improper shift lever locating where it's hard to properley lift the lever due to your foot not being able to lift far enough.

    How "tool aware" are you? The tools in your underseat kit will do this fine.

    Down by your shifter you'll see that the lever connects to the engine with a small rod about 6 inches long (STOP THAT CHUCKLING IN THE PEANUT GALLERY RIGHT NOW!....damn sex fiends!). On each end is a lock nut that you'll loosen. One is right threaded and the other is left hand threaded. So both will need to be wrenched up or down. Try using light then firmer pressure in both directions until the nut loosens then do the other in the same direction. Sorry I can't be more clear on this part. If it was in front on me I could look at the exposed threads and tell which is which and what way to loosen it.

    Once the nuts are loose then you can turn the rod freely back and forth. As you do this you'll see the shift lever moving up or down. Try adjusting the rod to point it down a little further. Maybe a centimeter or so. It shouldn't be so far down that you have trouble pointing your toe under it but it should be far enough down that you MUST point your toe downward quite sharply but not so far that it feels at all strained.

    If this doens't help then you may be trying to think too much during the shift. The roll off, clutch pull, lift lever, clutch release and roll back on needs to be done all as one motion in a split second. Breaking the action down into separate parts is a sure way to lead to balky and clunky shifts. Our gearboxes are not at all like those in a car where a bit of a pause makes for a smoother shift. Here it's the opposite.

    Some folks find that it helps to preload the lever a little just prior to the shift. This works very well if you're accelerating quite hard but if you're just pottering along it can lead to an unwanted preshift and a lot of nasty and expensive sounding noises. So use it if you want to try it but don't use it when it's not appropriate.
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    Killer...thanks i dont think im shifting wrong, im pretty sure it needs adjustment....i broke it of due to a little slide i had about a month back....oops!

    Ill adjust her when i get home! No probs with tools i just needed some pro advice to make sure i wasnt down there breakin stuff!

    Again thanks a million!

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    Also if you are only using cheap dino oil in your bike think about switching to something like Motul 5100 semi synthetic or something comparable. I found my shifting became alot smoother on a couple of bikes I have owned including the one I own now.
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    Nope i use the Motul.......the good im pretty sure it needs adjustment.....thank though dude!

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