Tire cupping
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Thread: Tire cupping

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    Tire cupping

    I have a badly cupped front tire that sometimes gives me slight wobbles in turns. In my case, I am guessing hard braking is one of the reasons for the cupping. I'd like to get some info (especially) from long time consumers of motorcycle tires.

    Setting aside all the various reasons that causes cupping of a front tire, are there makes/models of tires that are more prone to cupping than others, everything else remaining the same?

    Are ultra high performance tires more susceptible to cupping than, say, sport touring tires?


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    My front michelin pilot sports showed signs of cupping.. didn't even know about the term til recently
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    They all pretty much show wear that way. The average life of modern sportbike tires is 9000-10,000 K. Less if you are hard on them. Low pressure can also speed up the wear. Just stay on top of that and replace when worn.

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