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    Question ticket question

    I received a ticket "Driving Without Consideration" for taking my hands off the handle bar for about 15-20 sec. I was only trying to check for bike's alignment. There were no cars ahead or beside me, and I was not speeding. Do you think that alignment check is reason enough to beat the ticket in court? thanx
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    That's a pretty dumbass ticket... you weren't doing a christ stand were you? lol..
    How long were your hands off to warrant a ticket?
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    I'd fight it...that's bull. That's one method of checking the alignment of the wheels if you were in a car too.

    How much was it btw?

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    That's crap. You were test riding you're motorcycle, not stunting, right? That ticket should be dolled out in great fricken quantity to the moron drivers who are eating, talking on the phone, or picking their nose, while driving. Get BCCOM on the phone.

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    Shitty deal, but the Judge might say," if you thought your alignment was off, why didn't you take it to the shop and have it checked out ?"

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    None right now...
    I'd say that showing up in court should be enough to get the ticket thrown out. What did you do, piss on the cop's donut?
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    I did this all the time to stretch out........ at moderate speeds mind you, like around 60 kph or so coming to a gentle stop approching a red traffic light using the rear brake only kinda thing.

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    I hope I never meet this cop. I'd get a few of these myself. I'd fight it. Explain the physics involved. The bike inherently wants to be upright. Letting go of the bars has no effect to make you crash. Only thing is reaction time. You can also argue that steering, while drastically lowered, is still perfectly possible. Rossi and other racers do it all the time after the race. Stand up, wave to the crowd, sway the bike left and right.

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    If you want to fight it, you'll have to take the circumstances
    into account. Mechanics don't go out on busy highways to
    test alignment by taking their hands off the steering wheel.

    Deserted back street, yeah, you might be able to convince
    a JP you weren't endangering anyone.

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