what has all your stuff costed you?
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Thread: what has all your stuff costed you?

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    what has all your stuff costed you?

    -Bike: $4600 ('94 cbr600f2)
    -Helmet: $270 (HJC)
    -Jacket: $50 (Leather riding jacket I got from a buddy)
    -Gloves: $0 (gift from the parents)
    -Shoes: $13 (ya I'm cheap)

    Total: $4933
    Total after 5 months insurance: $5683

    Not too shabby considering the fun I've had. Boy oh boy!

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    costed? ...... lets just say I have no money now

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    umm bike new 14,400, - carbon fiber pipe $899,-stainless braided brakes lines front and rear $150,- lp smoked sceen $75,- ohlins steering damper$650,-shoei helmet $750,-xspeed helmet$179,- two piece leather $1700,- cheap ass joe rocket boots $250,- joe rocket textile $249, violator gloves$160.- the thrills and smiles i get when riding this bike... pricless umm ty Andrew for the reminder also in the inventory is my son's crf 100, all his gear, my drz400, and my offroad gear. all this in the past three years. i'm not gonna dig past that or i will get depressed. but hey its better than sitting at home watchin tv. lets just say i call it my cigarette money. i figure if i were a smoker , this is how much money would go up in smoke.
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    dont want to think about it, let alone add up the $
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    I don't think i want to add that up.....

    lets see...
    couple of bikes... heaps
    couple of crashes... way too much
    enddless sets of tires... i gotta stop those burn outs
    enough gear to get me through a few crashes without being hurt... really worth it

    umm.. so lets see .. pretty much every pay check.

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    2 bikes, 5 pairs of gloves, 3 pairs of boots, 3 helmets, hard luggage, soft luggage, totes, rain suit, 2 leather suits, 2 extra tinted face shields, electric vest, smoked windscreen, tapered pegs........

    For everything else, there's MasterCard.

    Edit: Oh, this is what I currently have, not what I have spent in my 11 years of riding.
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    almost 40 grand spent on bikes and riding in 5 years (10 grand in payments left on the new gixxer)

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    $2200 for 1st bike, $1655 for the second. I cheaped out on gear the first time around, probably around $600 for jacket, helmet, and gloves. After I got my second, I spend a little over $2k for suit , boots, gloves, and back protector. My gear cost more than the bike I'm riding right now

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    I just hope that motorcycling ends up costing more than I make in my entire lifetime. So far I'm doing well.
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    100's of thousands really.

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    I've been doing this shit for over 25 years. I'm a cheap bastard but spend were it counts. I love what I do and will continue to spend my money on this sport that has givin me so much.

    I must have spend at least $100,000.00 by now. Worth every penny. Wish I could spend a lot more. Will be racing again next year as my shoulder is almost healed. With a bike needing a motor and tires, etc.... I see an other year of double shifts and second jobs to pay for it. Sleep? That's not in the cards.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BLADERUNNER 954
    umm bike new 14,400, - carbon fiber pipe $899,-stainless braided brakes lines front and rear $150,- lp smoked sceen $75,- ohlins steering damper$650,-shoei helmet $750,-xspeed helmet$179,- two piece leather $1700,- cheap ass joe rocket boots $250,- joe rocket textile $249, violator gloves$160.- the thrills and smiles i get when riding this bike... pricless
    Is that including the dirtbike? How about the kid's bike? And his gear too. Remember, you paid for it.

    As for myself, just think:

    1.5 bikes (write off sucks)
    Oil changes and tune ups
    Full exhaust
    bling stickers
    textile suit
    leather suite
    2 pairs of gloves
    1 arai (plus iridium shield), 1 shoei
    1 pair of boots (soon to be 2?)
    bike security (or lack of now)
    bike cover
    safety kit (tire plug kit; safety glasses for night riding)

    Planned spending: bling windscreen; bling security; bling tires; bling turn signals.

    A bike can be cheap, till you start blinging it out.

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    holy shit you guys. this is not a comforting thread. i guess after three bikes and 2 sets of gear, im somewhere around 25g. + a crash @ 8000 covered by icbc. i really want to get into racing. but buying a house is a priority now, so we'll see if i make it out next year or not. im not certain that i can justify 100's of thousands for the sake of my enjoyment. i know most might disagree but this is crazy.

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    I honestly don't want to think about it. I'm sure it would have made a nice downpayment on a house though.

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    04 Kawi Z1000,
    I'm certainly up in the 10's of thousands by now. 1/2 a dozen bikes plus racing plus gear. Call it $40K. But then I started when bikes were cheap.
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