Here's some stuff I found about volleyball ref's from volleyball BC's website about reffing volleyball, mostly highschool stuff. So, here’s the 411 for those who say they wanna do it, but just can’t find out about it.

This is what volleyball refs get paid for highschool games. New ref’s will be at the “Local” level for officiating and reffing Level 2 games:

There info on becoming a certified official through volleyball BC at:

and the details of next training session in Vancouver are:
Location: Hamber Secondary (West end Vancouver)
Theory dates: Wed Sept 29 & Thurs Sept 30 Time: 4-7 pm Rm 211
Evaluation dates: Fri Oct 1 @ Hamber and Sat Oct 9 & Sun Oct 10 @ Dome (minimum 2 out of 3 days required)
Cost: $75.00