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    Calgary Bike Stores

    Going to Calagary this weekend. Yee Haw!! Anyone been up their before and know of any local bikes stores that are worth checking out for accessories and stuff???

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    Blackfoot motorsports? Did I get the name right? I think they are the big dealership there...

    Check out RaceCity Speedway while you're there...
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    i've heard good things about blackfoot too.big shop and good prices.

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    Check out bowcycle too

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    Blackfoot Motosport is the biggest store in Calgary. Also, Bowcycle is a good place to check out. Remember, no GST!!!!

    Are you riding out to Calgary. If you are, take Crowsnest Highway(highway #3). It takes a bit longer to get there but it is worth it. Once you get into Alberta, continue east until you get to Highway 22( few km east of Brumis). Head north on that highway to Cowtown. Enjoy, great scenary. No cops, fast as you want, slow down for cops near Longview and Black Diamond/Tuner Valley.


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    Check out Blackfoot and Bowcycle, that's where I got all my gear. Blackfoot is the larger store (got my raingear there) but Bowcycle has some stuff for cheaper (I got my boots there). Spend a day checkin out the prices before you buy anything. I remember Bowcycle is out past the University of Calgary and unfortunately, Blackfoot is at the other end of town. Luckily, the city layout of Calgary is easy to figure out. You'll be able to find your way just by the address and street signs. Yippie kai yay motherf.....!!
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    heyyyyyy... have a great trip out here... if you get a chance look some of us up here in Cowtown...

    and yes, Blackfoot Motorsports is the largest retailer here although there is some other really great shops too.

    You taking in some of the Stampede Festivities?

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