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    If any of you are aware of someone who has newly aquired a pocket rocket...
    A guy from work had his black 87 toyota 4 runner stolen from work today at the corner of MT.Lehman and South Fraser in Abbotsford. To make things worse... he had just purchased a pocket rocket, which just happend to be in the back of the truck.
    The guy is pretty upset about the whole thing. If anyone knows about this bike pm me or just bring it back. You can drop it off at Landmark Truss & lumber 30480 south fraser way abbotsford.
    I will find out more tomorrow.. as to what kind it is and color etc. But for now I just know it is a 50cc in excellent shape.
    So if you know of anyone with a newly aquired bike....can you look in to it?
    He just bought the bike yesturday!

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    Hope he had good insurance. he might get the truck back but the bike is long gone!
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    the bike will be covered by house insurance if it's worth the claim.
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    "pocket rocket" ??? Hey girls, anyone try selling you a used vibrator?

    Sorry to hear about your friend's loss.
    Much painful suffering to the thief.

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