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    PVR 250 No display

    I just bought this hardware and I can't get it to work. I have no display with the program that I'm using. The cable and everything is plugged in.

    What's wrong?


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    did you run the auto-setup/auto-calibration thingy?

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    Ok, it works now. Thanks.

    How do I enable captions with this WinTV2000 program?

    The picture quality of this PVR-250:

    How come the picture doesn't look as good when it's captured? Even in full-screem mode, the picture quality is very pleasant but when it's captured the picture quality redcuces? It is because of my radeon 9500pro video? It makes the picture look better?

    Can someone snapsnot a picture from TV2000expert? I wanna see the picture quality difference.
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