Bears on the S2S
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Thread: Bears on the S2S

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    Bears on the S2S

    Heya people. my last couple of trips up the S2S i have encountered big ass black bears crossing/at the side of the highway. Now they seem to not like the sound V-Twins so they just run, but some people on quieter bikes still riding up there may have more trouble. So watch out for the bears, hitting one may hurt.

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    its funny you say that , cause i took my son dirtbiking behind the Chief, we ran across 3 bears at diff times. i guess they are fairly active now, seeing as winter is coming on soon.

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    bad, m'kay?
    I came home on my bike Wednesday night and nearly ran over a sow and her cub. They were sitting right on my driveway eating fruits fallen off my tree. It was pitch balck and the only I saw were 2 sets of eyes. LOL.

    I rev the engine a few times (its loud with D&D pipe) and they did not pay much attention. Only when I started using the horn that they turned around and took off.

    They were back the next morning and the cub spent the day in the tree picking off fruits. So I decided to drive instead.

    Here they are: Betty and Booboo (Baldwin).
    "It's not my fault your slow!"

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    whoa... that sucker can climb! I'm glad I live in Richmond. Don't think I'd react as calmly as you did if I come home to a couple of bears in my driveway. Prolly be running and screaming like a lil girl!

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    We had a bear in Surrey yesterday 160 st and 110 ave...

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    Ya its coming down to hibernating time so them bears are eating like crazy.
    They dont care about people too much....all they are thinking about is FOOD!!

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    Blitz Wing
    Just a word of caution, they'll attack you to protect their food source......and when it gets colder and food is harder to find, they'll actually even eat you.

    Oh, and NEVER EVER feed the bears. They'll associate you as a food source at first, and then later get confused and think of YOU as Food.

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    Hmm...if you see a momma bear and her two cubs in a residential area, is there a number you're supposed to call? And what good does it do to call anyway?

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    Blitz Wing
    I'm not totally sure, but I guess you can call the Ministry of Water, Land, and Air Protection at (604)582-5200.

    Their webpage is

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