anyone turboed a carb bike??
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Thread: anyone turboed a carb bike??

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    anyone turboed a carb bike??

    wondering if anyone has been successful in turbocharging a carborated bike yet. I'm able to get the turbo mounted with the oil lines but don't have a clue when it comes to jetting and adjusting the fuel ratios.

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    I think it'll be fun trying to do blow-through on a CV carb setup. I know turbos/unnatural aspiration and, I wouldn't do that. CVs need strong engine vac to operate properly and I see no way around the fact that positive pressure would be opening the slides at rates at odds with the expected fuel delivery under load. Heavy slide springs might band aid it but, converting to some form of automobile carb or going draw-through seem more viable...or converting to EFI, which is what I'd do. It won't be smooth and stock-like, that's for sure.

    You need some form of secondary to make a carb setup work ok with forced induction, otherwise you have to jet it so pig fat to get enough fuel under boost that it smokes like a diesel under normal operations.

    You've actually done the easy part, namely mounting the turbo, etc. The hard bit is getting the timing and fuel curves to work right. I hope you have success but it worries me when someone admits to not having a clue how that part of a turbo install goes.

    Keep the discussion going and I'll help in any way I can.


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    gotta use flatslides. anything over atmosphere will just push the slides so hard they won't open on cv's.

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    I think it was the old Yami Seca Turbo that used regular carbs enclosed in a turbo pressurized box to avoid the venting problems that SS is reffering to. That may be one option.

    Another may be the carbs on some of the ram air bikes these days. I know the 9R carbs use vents that run to the airbox so that the pressures are all raised equally and at the same time. For the turbo you'd run those vent lines to a point in the pressurized manifold.
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