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    TSR racing Bodywork

    Check out the strength and flexibility, check out the video:


    I just received a few sets of the lastest in fairing design from TSR racing and I'm amazed at the fit and finish (and I've gone thru a few different sets in my time). TSR racing supplies alot of the factory race teams in Asian.

    I'm looking into doing a group buy. Riding/racing is an expensive sport. From time to time I try to help out my fellow rider in finding deals. The cost is about $550 landed (that includes shipping, taxes and duty). I'm going Asian this Saturday and will be visiting the race factory. If anyone is interested let me know. I currently have 2 sets of the GSXR600 2k4 of these right now.

    I know TSR makes bodywork for most current sports bikes. PM or email at hrcboy@telus.net if interested. I can check on the availability of different models.
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