FS: Cobra 235-2 vp 2-way Radio's (FRS) With Charger
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Thread: FS: Cobra 235-2 vp 2-way Radio's (FRS) With Charger

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    Skool n u

    FS: Cobra 235-2 vp 2-way Radio's (FRS) With Charger

    I bought these to use while riding but I had surgery on my shoulder and didnt ride this year. They've been charged once thats how little ive used them.

    I paid 89.99
    Im looking for $50

    They come with rechargable battery packs which you can take out and use normal batteries if you want. Here are the specs

    -14 channels and 38 privacy codes giving you 532 possible combinations
    -Backlit LCD display
    -Auto squelch feature automatically shuts off weak transmissions.
    -External Speaker/Microphone Jack
    -Water Resistant
    -Battery Saver Circuitry
    -Call Button
    -Roger Beep
    -Lock Button
    -Wrist Strap
    -Belt Clip

    If you give me your email i'll send some actual pics
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    Skool n u
    Can't get better condition than this without being sealed.

    They're great for snowboarding or skiing.

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    Skool n u

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    Skool n u
    no snowboarders out there?

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    Skool n u

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    Skool n u
    Down to $50 guys

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