don't fly your navy chopper drunk
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Thread: don't fly your navy chopper drunk

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    don't fly your navy chopper drunk

    I'm sure some of you have seen this already.
    For those that haven't, click

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    holy shat!!
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    Damn scary.

    It seemed to disappear pretty fast beneath the surface.
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    its back tire got stuck on the boat after it bounced

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    ..*kkkkkkkkkktttt* " two american military heli-pilots were killed today by a terrorist attack, causing the helicopter to slide off the ships edge. We're not sure just how they did it, but we know they did least , we're sure they did it....ok...there was an iraqy insurgent within 2500 mile radius......either way, we're going to drop a few bombs just for reassurance sakes" *pphhhhhtttt*

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    shiaaaat.....that is an expensive wipe out!

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    Looks perfectly survivable. It hit the water almost perfectly on its side, which is the standard procedure for a ditching anyway... The blades all fail as they hit the water, and don't come apart into the cabin. I hope they were all able to get out.
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    All 147 people on board, died. R.I.P

    kidding, I heard that they all escaped unscathed. but the real tragedy was that they were all wet

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    son of a gun, hooked it.

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    anyone know the real reason that it was fucked? mechanical? or seriously drunk?

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    That is what is known, my friends, as dynamic rollover. That and the pilot came in waaayyy too hot.

    He should have aborted, added power and climbed out and tried again. Instead he tried to save a bad landing, missed the deck, picked the helo up to get recentred onto the landing pad. Didn't realize that the gear was caught up and the helo rolled. Once they are past about 15 degrees of roll in a hover, there is nothing the pilot can do to stop the helo rolling over, excvept to jam the collective through the floor and try and get the thing down on the deck before it rolls on ya.

    I wonder how the crew made out? I can see the spotter hanging out the window all the way in. Not my idea of fun
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