PC3R and advancing your timing+Octane
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Thread: PC3R and advancing your timing+Octane

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    PC3R and advancing your timing+Octane

    Hi, just read up on a few octane messages here. I know on a sled, you only use the bare min your sled needs. Higher up the mountain you go, the less octane ya need cause of the lack of air.

    Anyhow, I ordered up a Power Commander IIIr for my 2002 Honda 954.

    My manual states that I should be running 86-87 octane in my bike (FI)

    I ordered up the PC3r because it allows timing advancing.

    I figure I should be able to advance the timing 1-2 degrees, and take advantage of the 92 Octane Esso gas I've been using.

    Any takers on that?

    Will this work, help or not work at all?

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    Why not advance it 3 or 4 degrees and use Chevron 94.
    I don't that it really has to do with timing more than it has to do with spark duration. But I am sure putting some advance in would require at least some increase in octane. Not 100% sure on that though. Just have to try it and see I guess.

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    Well, I was using the 1-2 degrees for starters, and reference point sort of thing.

    My manual says not to run oxygenated fuels, of 10-15% I am not sure on the percent. Isn't 94 octane from chevron that high?

    The dealer told me not to use 94 octane gas in my bike, the manual states, engine damage will occur eventually using a high percentage oxygenated fuel.

    I don't have my manual with me right at the moment to verify the exact numbers.

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    I have played around with adding timing via the PCIIIr on my gixxer 1000 with less than impressive results. No matter what values I tried, the bike always ran better with a zero map. However, I was not tuning it on a dyno, so my analysis is all based upon the ol' "ass dyno".

    If you really want to avail yourself of potential Chevron 94 or Esso 92 has to offer, I would recommend shaving the head or putting in a thinner head gasket to bump compression.

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    No throttle responce improvement bumping up the timing a few degrees?

    I know in my friends truck it made a big difference advancing the timing and running better gas. Why wouldn't the same hold true on a bike?

    Do you think that the bike is advanced from factory as much as possible for HP gains and throttle response?
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    I just recieved the PC3r, and owning a stock 954 Honda, nothing done to it, but I am running a tank of 87 Esso reg gas, with the pc3r installed (no timing advance) I am now scared of the power of the bike.

    I can't believe how people say there is no difference in power in the bike, after a power commander install.

    Maybe not a huge difference in top end HP, but the mid pulls so hard now that I am scared the front end will wheelie on me no matter what. I am super happy with the PC3r I am so happy with the difference in the smoothness in the power band.

    that alone is worth the PC3. I let off on the gas, no hardness in the throttle, no jerkyness anymore.

    Hell it helped my wheelies in 2nd gear. Everything is so much easier to balance now.

    I am only gonna throw on a slip on/bolt on muffler, thats it for now.

    I am gonna advance the timeing 1 degree atleast, run some 89 or something and see what happenes. I am totally happy with the pc3r.

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