Floating Brake Rotors
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Thread: Floating Brake Rotors

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    Floating Brake Rotors

    At the risk of asking a stupid question, what are "floating" brake rotors and why are they so good? I see these referred to in articles about motorcycles but I have no idea what they are talking about.

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    i can tell you what they are but i forget the actual benefits

    floating rotors allow for movement between the actual rotor and the hub the attaches to the wheel

    when you grab the brake rotor you can actually move it back and forth about a half a centimeter

    from what i remeber, this may not be a 100% correct, but te benfits are better contact patches between the rotor and the pads, as neither are perfectly flat, therefore the movement allows a larger contact patch,

    it also assists in heat dissepation
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    And being loose any heat distortion is minimized.

    And the total movement is more like a couple of millimeters rather than 1/2 a cm.
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    The EBC full floaters are really cool -- I'm thinking of picking up a set for my race bike.

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    Bikes have brakes?

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    I have a wave roter and it moves 2.5mill > and 2.5mil< = 1/2 cm total
    No fade at all!
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