Burnaby Kawasaki saves a stranded Sewman
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Thread: Burnaby Kawasaki saves a stranded Sewman

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    Burnaby Kawasaki saves a stranded Sewman


    The Guys at Burnaby Kawasaki Save Another Stranded Desperate Biker

    Burnaby, BC (BCSportbikes Daily) October 2nd, 2004 - It was in the evening of this beautiful, sunny Saturday when the battery of Jason Sew's (aka Sewman) 1998 Suzuki TLS died, leaving him stranded in the BCIT parking lot with no way of getting home, no source of coffee or junkfood nearby and nobody to talk to.

    After numerous failed attempts at bump starting his motorcycle, Sewman started to panic. He was hungry, cranky and worst of all, embarrassed as all of these cute girls walked by and watched his feeble, yet mildly entertaining runs up and down the student parking lot. Sweating and panting, he reached for his barely functional cell phone and dialed a few towing companies without any luck. The towing companies either refused to handle motorcycles, were too busy or were closed. With only one bar of battery showing on his cell, there was only one last resort. BURNABY KAWASAKI.

    Manny, service manager for Burnaby Kawasaki answered the phone, "We're closed, and I have to get back home to watch The Apprentice! What do you want from me?"

    Sewman explained his situation, "Help Manny, I'm stuck in the BCIT parking lot with a dead battery. I have no coffee or junkfood and there's nobody to talk to!"

    After Sewman explained his dire situation, Manny eagerly hopped into the BKmobile and promptly zoomed over to Sewman's ailing moto in the BCIT parking lot.

    "Don't worry Jay, we'll get her heart going in no time." With that, Manny loaded the bike into the rear, smacked Sewman upside the shoulder and continued back home to watch The Apprentice.

    The next evening, Sewman's TLS was personally delivered back to his doorstep with a clean bill of health - the battery fully charged and ready to go. Manny was offered beer, money, some potstickers etc. as a token of appreciation but he declined, happily smacked Sewman upside the shoulder and bid his farewell.

    This exemplary show of customer service cannot go unnoticed. It is my moral duty and pleasure to once again recommend the services of Burnaby Kawasaki to anybody who appreciates a group of genuine motorcycle guys.

    For additional information contact: Sewman via PM

    About Burnaby Kawasaki
    Burnaby Kawasaki is a team of ten dedicated and loyal motorcycle enthusiasts with a combined total of 85 years experience, working hard towards offering the best possible motorcycle experience a dealer can provide. In the past 25 years Team Burnaby Kawasaki Racing has helped national on local champions achieve success, but more importantly we have had fun helping hundreds of others just starting out.

    (604) 525-9393
    7771 Edmonds St. Burnaby
    B.C. CANADA V3N-1B9


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    would never go anywhere else

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    As long as I own a Kawasaki. They will get my buisness unconditionally.... Actually screw that.... I don't care what brand I own. These guys are the best to deal with!! The only to deal with.

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    Bk Rocks!!!
    Tmustang you are clear for take off

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    It just shows that BK has the best customer service in the lower mainland.

    Congrats BK and Manny
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    Don't forget the customer appreciation sale this Thursday Oct 7.
    What was it all about?

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    I love stories with happy endings...

    They were always great to me when I brout my Kawasaki there.
    But because I live downtown and own a Honda, it was just too inconvenient for me to get out there.
    Alex from Honda Centre actually drove to my place to help me deal with my bike one evening after work when it wouldn't start. That wasn't too bad either!

    Great to hear about some outstanding service when we do stupid things to our bikes!

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    Reinforced what I already knew. Keep up the good work BK.

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    I've been praising BK to anyone who'd listen for the last 10 years. They are the best dealership I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with!

    Heck, back when I was a skinny little kid on a skateboard, they didn't mind the hours I spent drooling over the bikes, just waiting to become old enough to get a license! Sure enough, they've made a great business on that kindness and congeneality!

    Reformatted to fit your screen.

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    keep up the great work BK, great story.
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    perhaps harps would like to tell of their help that very same day????

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    EXCELLENT WORK BK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I phoned them one morning to come to my house and grab my CBR as my battery was dead at 9am, got a phone call from the girlfriend at 9:30 am and said they picked it up!

    I remember thinking, 'damn, that was fast', next day, bike was ready and waiting,

    They charged me 1/2 of what they should have!! EXCELLENT!!! THANKS GUYS!

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    Great! Y'all really should get some BCAA coverage. The second package is a about a 100 bucks a year, with 6 tow, and they can be car or bike. They send the Drake towing truck that can do bikes.... Worth the money IMHO. I use it to bring my race bike to the shop cause I have no truck to use

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    That's awesome to hear...You have to really appreciate people who go out of their way to do something like that..Good work BK!!

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