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    Jus curious to know how everything worked out with using these? Is there any way we can find out our lap times?
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    Lap times for bikes in the pits hummmmmm, lol, ya ok!
    I am not a electronic guy but, I wonder if there is anyway to turn down the gain on the receiver so it will only pick up the signals of the bikes that are within 75 to 100 feet?

    NOTE TO RACERS!!!! -If this is possible it would be a really good idea to make sure you have a fresh battery in your transponder before you go out to race.
    Come to think of it, it is a good idea to make sure you have fresh battery anyway!
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    I know I'd like to see my times for Sunday because I already caught a glimpse of my times on Saturday. Was there a time sheet printed out on Sunday? I couldn't find it.
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    Did anyone (non-race-organizer-types) in the pits or elsewhere get hooked up with the wireless network and see the results in real time?

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    Yes. John had it up and running on Sat to the tower. But as the info was so screwed at that point I didn't use it to call the race. Sunday I gave it a pass all together but at least we know it works. Real cool once the bugs are gone. Will make my life in the tower a lot easier on race days.
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    Just a thought but if we aren't going to have scorers that need to look out through the glass why not install the equipment and computer in the shed next to the tech cover?
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