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    Big Thanks To Wmrc

    hey all,
    i just wanted to say a big thanks to the wmrc & all it's members for putting on such an awesome year of racing. as this was my first year racing , this was a whole new experience for me . in my opinion you guys & gals are doing an awesome job the stands are packed, everyone i have brought out to watch has really enjoyed the day & will definately be back to watch more, it also looks to me like the club is growing in #'s & the level of the racing is climbing. this is definately grass roots racing at it's best (yet i still think its going to get even better). so congrat's again on the year. i'll see you all at the season ender party.
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    We had a fantastic turn out yesterday, I don't know the total # yet but the stands were pretty full - and we have the pics to prove it. (Good for recruiting sponsors next year, nudge nudge wink wink).

    The WMRC Executive has been working very hard to bring you a show and an event that everyone enjoys, I am happy to hear the good response. However, they are getting burned out, most of them work full time and these are all volunteer (non paying) positions. So we need more volunteers, with a club of over 150 registered racers very few are actively involved in the club. We are encouraging every racer to help out to ensure that we keep growing in the future. We need all kinds of volunteers, from people to make sure sponsors signs get put up, to corner working, to track set up / tear down, recruiting sponsors for next year. If you are interested in volunteering please check out Westwood Motorcycle Racing Club for more details on the next club meeting.

    Thanks so much to everyone that came out to race, volunteer and watch. We had a great weekend luckily the weather cooperated - what a beautiful day.

    See you all soon.

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    Yeah....I have to say thanks to a lot of people too. Big thanks to Adam for a sweet set of take-off Pirelli's donated from a bad day at the track. Thanks to Jayson for lending the generator....that was a huge help. Patrick for the truck to bring the bikes out. I think I spent over $600 this weekend but without that help it would have been over a g note for sure. Best of all, thank you to all the volunteers and organizers for putting on such a professional and well done event.

    ...and all the competitors. It's an exciting time. It's great to see so much improvement in the quality of the grids and the increasing competition. Pretty cool to see a Novice I've never seen doing a real 1:16 and some 17's and one more pro joining the ranks and being competitive with some very well established racers. You'll do well Chops Great work're finally getting as fast as you look. Saw Jason standing on his own feet getting into his car....keep getting better bud! Hope that everyone that crashed heals well and gets their bikes back in order for next year. Was a great end to my first season of racing. There was lots of close calls (barely missing Hugh's tumbling Kawi) and plenty of learning. Can't wait to booze it up and distort all the facts at the parties coming up.

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    I'd like to add my thanks to all those who showed up and made the weekend an event to truly remember. From the WMRC Executive and Volunteers that hosted the races, the Riders that put on the show and the diehard Sponsors and Spectators that stayed with us. You all should be proud of what you've done. It was only a few years ago that the Club had all but disapeared. No Track. No races. We looked doomed to die. Look at us now. Awesome!!

    Bring on next year......
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    It was great to see everyone improving. The competition just makes everyone that much better.

    Thanks for the kind words Rob. It was cool to see you up and running a 1:16 after crashing and putting together the pieces of your bike earlier in the weekend. Team Ghetto Fabulous Sponsors: black electrical tape, red electrical tape, silver duct tape.
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    All of the racers need to pat themselves on the back for putting on a great show, not only for the crowd but for us, the corner workers. You guys all rock!! What a lot of fun I have volunteering at these events - and I've met a lot of GREAT people doing it.

    I really noticed this year that not only are the superbike races awesome to watch, but all the classes are fun. I had a hoot watching the H/W vintage guys battle it out on the track (smoke & all) !!

    Also, kudos to all who are involved in BCSB administration b/c without this site (and others like it) I don't think we'd have "the fever" as much as we do for racing.

    It sure is great to see a whole new wave of corner workers who are interested in helping out next...

    WMRC volunteers are all great and I'm seriously thinking of getting more involved in the club. I've been looking for an organization to get involved with and I think this is the one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuySmiley
    It was great to see everyone improving. The competition just makes everyone that much better.

    Thanks for the kind words Rob. It was cool to see you up and running a 1:16 after crashing and putting together the pieces of your bike earlier in the weekend. Team Ghetto Fabulous Sponsors: black electrical tape, red electrical tape, silver duct tape.
    dont forget "black felt marker", thats the only number job that beats my electrical tape numbers.
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    Now, if it could just get some tv coverage next year!! Even if it's Rogers.
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    I totally agree with Nancy! Before this year, I always wanted to do something for a community instead of just being a "taker". I made it out to all days except 1 as a corner worker. This has put such a bug in me to race and get involved that I am almost obesessed with racing. I took the ART course this year, and am kicking myself that I did not take the full race course. First one in spring, though I am there. I will be giving Troy an advanced deposit on the course in December You guys and gals out there on the track really make for fun and exciting time. Like Nancy, after doing a little corner work this year, I really want to become involved with the club. I own my own computer consulting company and may be able to lend a technical hand with all things computer related, and may be able to offer the club full reseller prices on equipment (read as wholesale cost) on anything they may need. All you racers really rock!!!! Thanks for all the entertainment this year.

    I look forward to all your help and advice as this fledgling racer starts to feel his place on the track next season.

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