FS: Brand New Unlocked Motorola V600
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    FS: Brand New Unlocked Motorola V600

    Selling a BRAND NEW UNLOCKED Motorola V600. This phone is unopened and has never been used.

    The first three pictures are the actual pictures of the phone, powered on with my own battery and showing the lifetimer, the battery you get is the unopened one as shown.

    - Phone
    - Battery
    - Wall Charger
    - Motorola Headset
    - Manuals

    Basic Specs:
    - Use the colorful customizable external display to identify specific calling groups and events
    - VGA camera with 4x digital zoom, large 65,000 color display supports video playback
    - Integrated Bluetooth for wireless data connectivity, quad band operation allows use on GSM networks worldwide
    - 5MB internal memory to support downloadable applications, MP3 ringtones, wallpapers, and photo storage
    - Handset comes with mono earbud, mid-rate charger, and battery
    - Unit Weight: 4.3 oz.
    - Size (in inches): 1.93 x 3.5 x 0.98

    PM me if you're interested. Thanks for looking!

    NEW PRICE: $430 FIRM!
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