Limited Edition Honda Dream 50R
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Thread: Limited Edition Honda Dream 50R

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    Limited Edition Honda Dream 50R

    This bike is exotic yet affordable. For those of you that are into collector bikes, this is one that you must add into your collection.
    The Honda Dream 50R is a track only bike in North America; however, this particular Dream 50R is imported straight from Japan and IT IS street legal.
    It only has 39km on it, only ride around the block. Here's a link with picture of what the North American model looks like; the Japanese model however looks better since it's street legal. I dont have an actual picture of the bike yet but I will upload one very soon.
    This bike is selling for $5499 usd brand new in the states but I am selling it for $6500 candian obo.

    Hope to hear from you soon

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    Havn't had a chance to take pictures of the bike, I will do so over this weekend.

    feel free to ask questions.

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