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    bike starting fun

    so I take decide to take the vfrr out for a cruise, as I'm getting ready to shelf my gixxer for the season..and she won't start. Cleaned up the fuel filter, still nadda. I go to replace the plugs, since last time it was in the shop they replaced two of them, and left two older ones in since they were working fine. I'm guessing they bit the dust. Upon inspection it looks like I have two different kinds of plugs inside my bike now, 2 NGK CR8EH and 2 NGK CR9EH plugs. Did a lil research and the 8EH plugs are setup for colder weather starting and stuff (these are the new plugs) and the 9EH plugs are performance plugs..there's a we bit of oil(looks like oil, but my taste buds are shot) on the 8EH plugs..This setup was run for about 2000km without my knowledge...any chance this can mess up my bike? can I just throw in 2 more 8EH plugs and be done with it??

    thanks guys

    p.s. no i will not give the shop name, please do not ask. and if any of you know, please keep the information to yourself. I only want to know the answer to my questions, not dig up past events that I can't controll
    anyone wanna lend me a bike ?

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    They are just two different heat range plugs. With those #s, they have the same reach and electrode. No harm will be done from having this setup but, it's nice to have all four new at the same time.


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