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    engine sizes?

    As I've posted before I punched a hole in my block and destoyed my bottom end..that being siad I've tried to find another 9r engine with no luck I've also tried to find out if the rumor about a 12r fitting is true with still no luck. I now have an opportunity to purchase an entire bottom end and tranny from a 98 zx9r for $500. My question is can you mate a top end from a 97zx9r with the bottom end of a 98zx9r? Any help in this matter is greatly appreciated...thank you

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    Definetly not. Lots of differences in the cases from those years so I'm about 99% sure they won't mate up. 97 was the last of the old frame and 98 the first of the new.
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    Oh well it was worth a shot...back to the drawing board thanks Tee Tee.

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