I have a Brand New Gemini SCRATCHMASTER 3.0 Dj package.

My girlfriend got it from Tom Lee Music Vancouver, comes will full Tom Lee and Gemini warranties.

Has never been used. I'm not really into the dj thing, however this is a great deal from someone that is.

Cost over $1100.00 with taxes, will let it go for $850.00.

Priced for quick sell.

Comes with every thing you need, still in box, with all paperwork.


This Package Contains:

Two XL-300 direct drive turntables with headshells and cartridges

One PMX-60 two channel scratch mixer

Two PM-100 compact, two way, self powered monitor speakers

One pair of EM-50 back of the neck stereo headphones

Set of two felt slipmats

All RCA connecting cables