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    Nissan 4x4 /stock extra rims added pictures

    1987 Pathfinder 4x4 5 speed a/c white 2 door. $2700- This Week only! NEw price
    I have replaced starter/ waterpump/windshield/ timing belt/ a/c bearing/ distributor/NGk spark plug blue silicone lines/ plugs/ battery/ rad/ rad thermostat/ breakes all around + emergency brake/ 95 rims on it now with bfgoodrich31" mUD terrains / roofrack rails (stock OEM pathfinder ones)/ JVC stereo Cd player 6X9 rears/ round fronts/ full exhaust replaced/ aircared/ power steering lines + pump/premium manual warn hubs/oil changed every 30- days + filter ( no fram filters / they are the shizits) Well looked after V6 5 speed Lots a torque.

    Possilility on a trade for a crotch rocket ?

    1987 Nissan Pathifnder 15"stock chrome rims only 4 of them Excellent shape. $20- bucks today saturday call me

    1987 starter needs rebuild and has good solonoid $20- bucks today saturday call me needs a rebuild new ones fetch 300 plus tax/ rebuilds half that..

    nissan with old rims / 95 rims on now
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