my puter's gone lethaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgic :(
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Thread: my puter's gone lethaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgic :(

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    my puter's gone lethaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgic :(


    Eversince there was a new "windows update" installed on my comp, i've noticed it's slow upon start , say, the initial opening of net explorer 'n such. is there shareware or the like , of which i can get off of the net to "speed up" my computer again?

    Norton doesn't register any virus' and i use "adaware" to clear up spyware.

    BTW- i don't know if i'm tripping...but i could swear that before the update the little dealy underneath the "windows XP" logo , that looks something like the red light on "kit", off of "knight rider" was "GREEN" it's "BLUE". is this just me or has anyone else noticed this?
    I find this particularly peculiar because in the windows' logo the panes are green,blue,yellow and red. Have any of you puter techs hear anything about a final phase that your windows updates will eventually have that thingy i mentioned turn red and then something of a religious appocalypse occurs? hahaha ...just kidding...sorta.

    anyhow. any input on the first mentioning?

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    delete your gay pr0n

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    <embed src="">

    .....and the crashing of sticks and bones ensues.

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    Exactly whe reason being why I chose not to dl SP2.....too many probs....I dont use IE 6 and I have a third party firewall and a non-norton (AVG) anti-virus.

    That little crest is "windoze security" control panel
    It simply puts all the settings on one section of the task bar.

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    lol nice sound clip

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    great contribution Diane.

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    :S SP2 has a built in adware thing under tools and addon manager in internet can uncheck the addware and spyware there instead of uninstalling it with a spyware scan program, apparently its better to jsut disable it in sp2 rather then uninstall them all....but who for the windows xp updates of the future...........Xp is a work in progress and at work i've been told it's a 7 part work of art and we're on part 2 and I dunno what coloured thing yer talkin about, and yeah delete the gay porn that always helps!!

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    I wonder if the problem is the same as Squirly identified in this thread?
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    don't use windows update, try to use microsoft's own software as little as possible, use programs like netscape, norton antivirus and firewall, Icq and not MSN Messenger, that sort of thing!!! and your pc will run smoother and more reliable than sticking with ms products. all u need it the basic operating system, everything else can come from someone else.

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    SP2 overwrites many mobo drivers as I understand. Try updating your motherboard drivers and see if that helps.

    Also, hit Ctrl/Alt/Delt (if you run XP at least) and look at the processes running. If there's anything other than System Idle Process running 98% CPU that's your problem. I installed SP2, and then had a major slowdown. Turned out Real Player had snuck a file onto my computer somwhere along the line; had to delete it from my registry and the file its self. If you find a process like that, google the process name and you should find info/solution.

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    bad, m'kay?
    Now lets take this slowly...Fraser, how much memory do you have on your PC?
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