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Thread: Rant.

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    Time and time again lately it seems i've been hearing americans berate france, because they are "cowards", "pussies", and "wimps"
    and insulting the french war capabilities and how few wars they have been in
    (but the only reason is because they didnt go to iraq)
    i just question the war-history of the americans, (im not an american history buff so, please correct me if i'm wrong) but it seems that most of america's wars (other then the world wars of which, everybody was in) have been to "Liberate" third world countries...? My question to the americans is; have they ever been in a hundred years of war? have they ever conquered nearly (or more?) an entire continent? (it may have been in the past, but a country's history shapes its decisions. it irritates me to no end the americans arrogance, their sanctimonious self-righteous and judgemental attitude.

    and if i am wrong in any part of this rant, please let me know

    they need to remember where they got their precious statue of liberty from

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    In their eyes they've saved France TWICE. They think they are weak.

    Americans discount people who are weak.

    Canadians discount people who are too strong.

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    The USA is most definitely the uneducated schoolyard bully, no question about it. Just look at that whole "freedom fries" thing. How fucking petty can you get?

    Just for the record:

    - Israel bombing the shit out of a crowd of innocent people to get one single guy who conspires to get back the land that was rightfully palestinian a hundred years ago? That's ok.

    - France not agreeing to invade a country because the majority of the other countries believe that it would be wise to be sure about it first?
    That's just stupid.

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