Rebuilding Exhaust cans
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Thread: Rebuilding Exhaust cans

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    Rebuilding Exhaust cans

    I found a used set of damages pipes for cheap.

    Can i drill a hole in the can, pull the dent and weld the hole, maybe leaving the baffles damaged. Would this hurt flow severly?


    Do i have to drill out the rivets, un roll the housing and striaghten like a piece of sheet steel, then put everything back together.

    I used to re-pack my 89 V&H can all the time but i'm not really sure how modern cans are made.

    Will i need to buy baffles? The cans are muzzy Titanium's and i realize welding ti would be pricey. price is under $100

    Any idea's. I'm not too concerned with looks, mostly function.
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    there are a couple of guys here that just cut their cans.
    So much work & so little time!!

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