FS: Swingarm and Bar End Sliders
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Thread: FS: Swingarm and Bar End Sliders

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    FS: Swingarm and Bar End Sliders


    I ordered some bar end and swingarm sliders from a small shop called RWC FrameSavers in Quebec. I'm selling the barend sliders because they don't look good on my bike, I need them a little longer, and the swingarm ones have the incorrect bolts and it can't be changed easily on the saver so I'm getting new ones.

    Bar End Sliders - 6mm - $15.00

    Swingarm Sliders - 10mm - $25.00

    PS: I also have a single swingarm slider in Black, same as the white ones. He sent me the wrong one again, this time he figured I'd only need one though!!! grr

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