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Thread: Bike Cleaning Tips From Everyone

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    Bike Cleaning Tips From Everyone

    So we can spend more time on our bikes and less time making them look all pretty, share the wealth and tell us your cleaning tips. Bike cleaning, helmet cleaning and leather cleaning, post up and share the wealth.

    My biggest pain to clean are wheels, especially the back one, and the chain, sprocket, greasy bits. I've used the S100 cleaner before which works pretty good but cost $$$$.

    I got a tip the other day to use Pledge to clean the bugs off your helmet, works awesome (and lemon fresh too ). Someone here posted another tip I have to try, using WD40 to clean the grease off of the back rim.

    Thanks for the help in advance.

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    You don't need the WD40. Just some simple low odour paint thinner is a lovely and gentle solvent that will make short work of any grease spot without bothering any paint that I know of. Just keep it off the tires as it isn't good for rubber. The same goes for WD40 as it's got the same solvent as it's base. I like the thinner better as it doesn't have the oil residue that WD has.

    For general cleaning a soft sponge or wash mit for the painted surfaces and LOTS of different brushes with both short and long handles for the frame and other non painted areas. You need lots of shapes to fit all the nooks and crannies.

    Had some S100 once and while it was good stuff it was stupid expensive for what it did.

    Eagle One wax makes the bike look "wet" and doesn't show much if any swirl marks. Nice stuff.
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    I've used varsol to clean grease but doesn't shine up after cleaning the varsol off.

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    I'm using WD40 to clean my chain, it's the best I found so far
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    Aah! Just pour gasoline on the whole thing and give it a light. The bugs even crackle.

    Actually, time/versus cost....S100 was the best I used, especially on my Harleys. You ever tried washing these things? It takes forever to detail them with brushes and stuff and S100 got into all the little cracks and crannies, which Harley's (especially ones with polished motors like mine) have in abundance.

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    Try Plexus! A little expensive but you can use it on the entire bike. Removes chain goo in one wipe and leaves a nice shine and wax. Also helps to hide small swirls and scratches.

    Works great on your helmet and visor as well!

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    plexus. easy one-step cleaner. like pledge for bikes.

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