Where to get cage inspected/safetied?
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Thread: Where to get cage inspected/safetied?

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    Where to get cage inspected/safetied?

    I'm looking for recommendations on where to get a Private Vehicle Inspection done for a cage. I'd like to find a place that can answer questions and not make up reasons to fail the car. I'm not looking for the cheapest place.


    It's a 'first time registered in BC inspection' and I just failed because of air bags (DOH, I should have checked but the car passed a safety in another province and Canada doesn't require SRS systems but a phone call could have saved me some $$).

    I'd take it back to the Crappy Tire on Hastings that did the inspection but I was not impressed. At first they seemed OK when I was booking the appointment and it is only an inspection, how can you screw that up?

    Seond clue that I shouldn't have been dealing with them (first would have been the logo, LOL) was when I dropped the car off.

    They got to work on it right away but the first thing they did was take it for a test drive, before knowing if it was safe to drive (technically it wasn't). As the guy drove away with not so much as a walk around I knew that it wasn't a "professional" shop. Oh well, how can you screw up an inspection?

    Then they failed stuff that worked fine. The Emergency brake releases when the car is put in drive. They said that had to be fixed. Basically the only Emergency brakes allowed had to ratchet lock when the car is in drive.

    Then they said that I had to replace the fan shroud (I added an elect fan) because the car has to be all stock, 100%, to pass. I was very polite and calm (there was no point as the air bags are required) but I couldn't help but think "Car has to be 100% stock but I have to modify the Emergency brake?"

    So I left and called the DOT in Victoria. Sure enough the emergency brakes are fine as are the cooling mods but I forgot to ask about hoods pins.

    Are hood pins an acceptable replacement for the stock latch? (one of the questions I have for the inspector)

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    Did some calling around for you. Try Point West Auto 604-708-3323.
    Good, fair, honest and reliable I am told.

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    I have to second the Point West Auto recommendation. That's where I take my car. Make sure you call before you head down. They can be really busy sometimes.

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    you can look up your own stuff here if ya want
    im licensed for inspections but im in abby

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    Thats great thanks

    Thanks for the response, and a great link!

    edit: after checking out link I can now see the problem.

    All the issues, including air bags, appear to fall under "containing particulars established by the director" which explains why the inspector could not determine, for example, what "The hood over the engine compartment shall be securely fastened and shall not have broken hinges or fasteners." meant.

    Clearly the best path is to return stuff to stock for the inspection, anything else is asking the inspector to 'mind read' what the director would think. BTW I think I talked to him on the phone, very reasonable guy but I wouldn't risk my inspection license trying to guess what he thinks.

    So bolting the hood down or using hood pins would be OK for being legal but not a good idea for an inspection. I'd say the answer is to use just the stock latch for the inspection and put the bolts back on after the inspection.
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