Need help w/ buy a bike???
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Thread: Need help w/ buy a bike???

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    Need help w/ buy a bike???

    I found a Ninja zx 6r 2001...40 000k for $6000???

    How much should I ask for?
    and how much longer will the bike last if it is taken care properly????

    THank YOU

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    one miiilllllllllliiiiiiOOOonnn dolllarrrss

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    Well the engine should last if it's taken care of up to 100,000 km or miles..can't remember which.

    Some things to look for:

    new paint, scratches, chain, sprockets, any visible misalignment...

    Ask the guy for the records of repairs, any accidents etc..

    I think 40,000 km in 3 years is a lot of riding, so maybe ask for $5200....then again, it's a 2001.

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