Rider down Burnaby
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    Rider down Burnaby

    well 2 days ago (yeah ive been busy with school) I was studying and I heard COPIOUS amounts of sirens like right at the end of my street, so I go outside and see waht all the comotion is, on the corner of Douglas and Dominion I see a car smashed into a stop sign with a bike underneath the car. The rider was sitting like 10 feet away from the car twitching on the ground with ambulance crews all around him, and I saw a girl crying off to the side, I think she was the driver.

    Nobody would tell me what happened, but i THINK that the gilr was travelling south on douglas and the rider was going north, the gril estimated she could make a right turn onto dominion before the rider came by, but as per usual didnt see how fast bikes actually go and smoked him mid turn

    It looked pretty bad, I really hope the rider was ok, anybody know anything else of this? THe stop sign was bent right over with the bike UNDERNEATH the car, so I'm hopeful the rider was ok. Either way it again goes to show that no matter how good a rider you are, theres always some stupid cager out there ready to take you out.
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    We'll keep him in our thoughts and prayers.

    I can't wait for 2005, 'cause 2004 has to be one of the worst years ever for B.C. motorcyclists.
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    Geez, I'm just hoping that the rider was twitching because of pain and not convulsing... Pain means you're alive.

    Good luck rider.
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    Hope the rider is ok,
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