I saw the ultimate biker hoboe
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Thread: I saw the ultimate biker hoboe

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    Talking I saw the ultimate biker hoboe

    So i'm walking to coquitlam auto to get my flywheel machined and guess what i see.
    Bike-Yamaha GTS1000( the sport-tourer from mid 90's with the single-sided fork. pretty rare.)
    Rider-looked like in his 50s, ZZ-Top long beard, FILTHY black sweatpants with filthy green t shirt hangin from under the filthy black sweater, and green rubber boots almost up to his knees. Did i mention the dude was big and FAT. Oh and to top it off he was wearing a grossly scratched up german-style half helmet.

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    he probably had his hawg in the shop (as is the case every weekend) and was cruising around on the "loaner" bike

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    hey you shouldn't talk like that about my dad.....

    he could ride circles around you

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    ..big PHEWPH!!!!!!

    i thought it was gonna be..."i saw this girl with a duffel bag bungeed to her two-fiddy riding on the number one in rain gear the other day...."

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