Fun places to take the mini 50CRF ???
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Thread: Fun places to take the mini 50CRF ???

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    Fun places to take the mini 50CRF ???

    Pretty dumb topic considering you can take these things just about anywhere, BUT I'm a little sick of being harassed by people (ahhhh what are you doing driving a motorbike here ahhhhhh) so yeah ..... any suggestions on where to go ? Bonus points to you if you list a place where I won't be harassed by noobie senior citizens ......

    I like to rip around in the streets from time to time, and I live in the Surrey / Delta / Langley area so I've been in the Watershed a bunch and also near Burns Bog. I'd take this bike anywhere in the lower mainland though, so yeah. Suggestions ??? Thanks guys ....

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    My backyard... 6 acre FIDDY park .. launchin 5-6 feet up 14-20 foot long 1 footer 1 handers into mulch so it wont kill u or the bike..
    To bad not enough people in Victoria can ride or do ride em but we always got 6-10 riders. settin up cash races so u can come down and lose your fiddy or just ride lol

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