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Thread: hidden VIN's

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    hidden VIN's

    i was looking for a track bike for next year and i saw an ad for a bike without a vin

    i was wondering if all or if any bikes have any hidden vin's on the frame?

    i heard mayb you could just use acid to expose them

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    Besides than the label, steering head stamp and engine number I don't thinks so.

    Acid is how the cops figure it out, but what type and how, no clue

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    I would ask why the bike doesn't have a vin. If it was a salvage there would still be a vin on the bike.
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    bad, m'kay?
    You can buy a new frame from the dealer with no VIN stamped on the frame. You suppose to transfer your old legit VIN number on the new frame.
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    New frames come with no VIN number and properly authourized shops are permitted to buy them and then stamp the VIN off the written off frame onto the new one and then destroy the old frame.

    For race only bikes you can often buy such a frame. Hint, if you see a color code sticker or any other sticker on the frame run, it's a shady deal in that case. Probably welded over and polished the VIN on a stolen bike. Same if the VIN area looks like it was ground or filed smooth or if the steering head in the VIN area feels non round. New frames come totally stickerless.
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