Motorcycle Mechanic classes
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Thread: Motorcycle Mechanic classes

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    Motorcycle Mechanic classes

    Does anyone know of any local colleges, schools or even a shohp offering a basic motorcycle mechanic course? I know a bit about working with bikes but would love to learn more.


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    Bernie (actionmechanic) does motorcycle maintenance classes once in a while. He's actually got a couple coming up this week, on the 27th and 30th. If you want something more indepth, BCIT offers classes, as well as a full motorcycle mechanic course

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    hmm..sorry for the thread jack, but do any of the bike mechanics on here accept people from highschool for work exp? i was thinking sometime in spring so it will be sorta busy? I.E. Mspeed..and stuff like, i have some good knownledge in mechanics, my dad is one and i've been help'n out @ the shop for the past 5 don't be think'n im some kinda jerk teenager..anyways, just wonder'n..also...if that doesn't work, anyone know of any machine/welding places that would accept a highschooler for work experience?
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