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    Smile Zx636-r 2002

    Hi Guys/Gals:

    I've recently bought a Kawasaki ZX636-R, 2002 model.
    I would like to hear your opinion on this bike (mostly from riders that have/had one).
    I don't have much info about it, so if you have artichles, tests or something like that...

    Good rides

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    You've already bought it, isn't it a bit late?

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    What I am trying to do is to now a bit more about the bike, by accessing different info and by the experience of other fellow riders that had ride it.

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    someone correct me if i'm wrong but in north america, in 2002, we had the ZX6R with a 600cc engine, whereas in europe they've always had the 636cc engine.

    There are quite a few former and current 6R owners here...
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    You're right Kamui: in North America the 636 engine as only be introduced in 2003.

    Hope ti read some coments of actual and former ZX6-R owners...

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    Europe got the 636 engine in the '02 ZX-6R only. Before that they had the same 600 engine as North American models.
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    Everything you need to know is here: http://www.zx6r.com/

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    You're on the far side of the rock from us, I take it there's not that many bike forums in Portugal? Your 2002 636, is that with the previous body or the North American 2003 style?

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    I have an '03 North American 636. Presume it's the same bike as yours (?). Love the bike, rode over 17,000 km on it this season alone, can't say much more than that. I can't tell you much from a technical perspective, can only say it's fast, and handles and brakes way beyond my own humble capabilities.

    BTW Porto is a great place. Drinking port in little cafes carved into rock cliffs. I also vaguely remember lots of wicked twisties all somewhere between Lisboa, Porto, Coimbra, Silves and I forgot the names of all the other unbelievable towns in central and upper Portugal. Too bad I did it all in a car is all I can say. Are there still lots of cats everywhere in Porto?

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    You're right, Marksport, there isn't many bike forums around here, but worth than that, there aren't many kawasaki's around here: nowadays, Kawasaki is the 5th motorbike company in the top selling list, behind Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Aprilia, and the 2002 zx6-r hasn't sell much. My is the first model of 636 still with carburators.
    (See my display picture on the left)

    Greenboy: You should now come here and make portuguese roads on a bike. There are lots of great roads to ride on. Last July I went to Faro motorbike concentration (about 600 kms south of Porto) and then stick in the south for about a week: I had really lots of fun riding my Green on the roads there.

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    Here is a picture of my 636 model:

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    Congrats... have some fun before the season's over
    Tmustang you are clear for take off

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    Thank you all guys for your replyies.

    Does anyone else had some experiênce with this bike?

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    Quote Originally Posted by karneiro
    Does anyone else had some experiênce with this bike?

    What do you want to know?

    I had an '02 (and '01) 600, we didn't have the 636 yet, like you guys.

    I used mine for commuting, touring, and trackdays...it was great at all three! Is there anything in particular you're interested in knowing about?

    You guys have a lot of GREAT tracks (nothing like what we have in Canada), and from what I've heard trackdays are cheap and very 'layed-back' (also very unlike Canada)...I would definately recommend hitting up a trackday or two. It's not as good as the '03+ 6Rs for trackriding, mainly due to weight, ground clearance, and the stock suspension. However, none of the '03+ 600s from any of the other companies can tour like the 6R either.

    I remember back in the spring of 2003, within a week I used my 6R for commuting to school, doing a two day race school, and then did a tour down to California and Nevada...not too many bikes can do all three of those things equally well.
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    The 1998 -2002 Kawi's are the same. Good strong engine and great big bitch pad
    to perch yer big fat bitch. Engine will do 100hp easy , ya the The G model is fucken sweet , and the bike is fine riden after lighten up a spiff mofo.

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