Anybody wanna spend 3 days riding the Phillip Island track in OZ?
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Thread: Anybody wanna spend 3 days riding the Phillip Island track in OZ?

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    Cool Anybody wanna spend 3 days riding the Phillip Island track in OZ? can't imagine the cost (okay so I MAY have sent an email to them) but MAN does that look like it would be fun! 3 days riding a motoGP circuit track on an 04 600RR no less!

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    Post up a price when you hear back man

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    Phillip Island would definitely be cool, but overall Sepang (Malaysia) would be cheaper -as well as being a better track (the only one in the world allowed to use "F1" in it's name). Or if you're gonna go all the way to Oz, buy your ticket with Malaysian Airlines - ticket will be about $1500 and it stops in KL -you can go ride at Sepang, maybe make a side-trip to Thailand, then get back on the plane to Melbourne.

    If you're just watching the motoGP rounds there -cost me $30USD for 3 days in the stands in Malaysia, vs I think it was $125AUD for general admission at PI (I think there was a student discount if u have your ISIC card - or a bogus one from Bangkok )

    Nathan -if you're going let me know - I might be interested, especially if it was timed around next years round. I can probly hook up some accom as well.

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    Crotchrocketeer was in Australia last year and said he did a track day(s) at Phillip Island on a rented R1, so might be worth sending him a PM for info. on what he did.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Danimal
    Post up a price when you hear back man

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    I was at the Australian GP last year and after the event I saw an ad in a local motorsports publication about Colin Edwards hosting a race school at Phillip Island. I was totally gonna do it but apparently they don't supply all the gear so I couldn't do it Riding Phillip Island would be a blast to say the least! But then again, if I were to invest in riding a GP circuit, I would want to go to one with high chances of dry weather.
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    Phillip Island in November on someone else's bike. That must be what heaven is like.
    What was it all about?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrotchRocketeer
    For info on the ride day I did: for anyone who goes down there, it's a MUST DO

    Well racing acedemy got back to me, I knew it'd be bad but it definitely worse then I was expecting (not that I could go ether way, It'd just be sweet) 4000-7000 USD! pakage is pretty inclusive though!?!

    Anyway, here's the info for all, it's happening pretty soon!

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