Any cube van(1-5 ton) O/Ops?
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Thread: Any cube van(1-5 ton) O/Ops?

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    Question Any cube van(1-5 ton) O/Ops?

    Hey. i'm seriously thinking about getting a cube and getting a job at some sort of a delivery company as a way to get out of my detailing job at Ford( ) and finally start making money to move out comfortably.
    Anybody with experience being owner/operator?If so
    What kind of money is out there to be made putting in roughly 40 hours a week?
    Also what kind of money usually would be spent on fuel,insurance and maintenence monthly or so.
    What kind of schedules are normal in the business?
    1-Ton vs 5-Ton trucks, what are the pros and cons other than the obvious( 5 ton more expensive, not as easy to drive,more expensive maintenence)
    Any preffered make/model? I was thinking a generic early-mid 90's Ford E350 1-ton with a 5.8 V8 gas. powerstroke would be nice but concerned about maintenence/repair cost of something does go wrong.
    Also, do the companies that hire usually care about the size of the cube(length and height)?

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    I used to look after a fleet of 1ton cube vans.
    Some of these vehicles saw more than 100,000kms / year.

    Rules we went by

    -diesel is the way to go
    -late model Ford commercial vehicles are superior
    -buy the cheapest but longest lasting tires possible-dont do rethreads for light-medium duty vehicles
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