An other great road discovered
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Thread: An other great road discovered

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    An other great road discovered

    I went to sunshine cost with my boss today for a ride to his oh man oh man, have i seen such place as this man.. it's like no man's land, very little traffic and perfect for particing leaning and turning.......the ferry cost 22 per person and the bike, round will be worth of checking out with ur buddies and i would love to go back again so maybe we should have a BCSB field trip one day....
    that's all.......oh yah the high way is 101 BC
    so check it out if you can make it out there.

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    Werd. I LOVE that road...has to be my favourite ride that I've done to's even nicer if you take that 2nd ferry at Earls Cove.(?) It has some of the best pavement I've ever seen...too many nice twisty roads around here are riddled with poor pavement.
    Maybe Mediocre
    BCSB - I hate you

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