What size bike do you ride?
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Thread: What size bike do you ride?

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    What size bike do you ride?

    I'm just curious, what cc is your bike? Is your bike too big or too small for you? Or would you want something bigger?

    Just curious because when I'm gonna be riding on a bike, I don't want one that is too small or too huge and heavy for me to ride.. I'm just about 5'10" so I'm not short or anything I've read about 500s being good beginner bikes, but I love Zx6s, Im just worried if that it would be too much to start out with..

    Any input or experience would be great, thanks

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    Hey heather, i'm not too sure what would be good for you to start out on but i started out on a RZ350 for the first 2 seasons and that was a great bike to learn on!! Super light so i could pick it up when dropped (that happened lots) Now i'm on a GSXR 750 and i love it!! Its just amazing, but that was after riding for 2 years.
    Being tall you have quite a few options, just do a search on beginner bikes and you will come up with heaps of threads on it.

    oh and welcome

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    Whooo hoooo!! Being tall rocks in the riding world, that is all I can say, I am 5'10" also.

    I started on a F3, which is the Honda CBR 600. I moved up to a R6, then to an R1 (which is 1000 cc) and now I ride a BMW R1100S which is an 1100. Its a pretty heavy bike, over/around 450 lbs., but after 7 years riding experience now I'm glad I started on the 600. I didn't feel like I had to sell it after a season and it wasn't too much to start on as long as you take a riding course (they'll start you out on something else smaller anyway for those first beginner hours). I took my road test on the F3 though because I felt more comfortable on it than the bikes at Action Riding School even. Go figure.
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    welcome sportsgal!

    my bike is 250cc and its also a cruiser. the size and seat height are perfect for me as i am only 5'2 and just over 100lbs - bike seat height 27", 300lbs. i remember the first time i sat on one(same model) at school - bc safety council and i thought it was huge cuz i learnt on a 125cc first. i'm very comfortable on my bike now but i'm definitely going to have to upgrade by the end of next season.

    i'm hoping that my next bike will be a sport bike but because of my height, i don't really have too many choices without having to make adjustments to the seat height.

    i don't think you will have any problems finding a bike that suits you. my advice would be to take a course(if you haven't already) to get a feel for motorcycles in general and get advice from the instructors.

    good luck!

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    I started on a 500cc and within 2 months I moved up to a 600cc. This is my first riding season and I am very happy with the 600. I am glad though that I started with the 500, just to build confidence, but I think I would have been ok on the 600 to start with. My biggest issue was height (I am 5'3") but you, you lucky girl, don't have to worry about that!
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    Haha... I'm short as well! 5'3" (rounding up ) I had to cut the seats down on both bikes. I learnt to ride (in May) on an old honda rebel in the my riding course and then I bought a '89 Honda CB-1 (inline 4, 400cc) Awesome bike to learn on, a very smooth ride and a fun bike in the twisties. I'm riding an '02 Suzuki SV650s as well now... Although I find it a lot more difficult to ride smoothly with all the low end torque, but it's SO much fun!!! I'm in love with it Safe riding girlies!

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    Oh yeah definately I will take a course, probably in the Spring.. I just don't want to now because I don't want to necessarily "forget" the training but won't be able to practice what I learned during the winter months.. Might as well do it when I can practice and I guess I'll have to test each bike out and see how it feels but will start smaller to begin of course

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    Welcome to BCSB!

    My first bike was a 600 cc Suzuki Bandit. It was a great bike to learn on & now I've moved on to a 2000 F4 (and a 1989 RZ350 race bike!!)

    As everyone has said, you have lots of options because of your height - I know when I was looking for a new bike I really wanted the bike to "fit" me. All bikes feel diiferent when you're on them and I'd really recommend that you check each of them out to find the one that fits you. The V-twins tend to be a bit longer so they may be a good first bike for you (SV650) and they're fun too!!

    Good luck on your quest.
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    nice nice...was looking around on this website and didnt really find wat i was looking for, until i saw this forum....didnt want to post a response in this "Woman's Thread" but its the most appropriate to my question...Well im a GUY but im only 5'4", and my question is how u ladies that r my height manage a 600cc cuz i sat on one and had to tippie toe? im very curious and alot of props to u guys

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